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VIVA Cruises invites you to experience the very best of Europe, the way it was meant to be discovered — with good company, unique perspectives and award-winning service and amenities. Knowing that not all travelers are the same, they make it their mission to give you greater ease, flexibility and choice. With decades of experience cruising to Europe''s most popular destinations, they are proud to offer a cruise experience like no other, designed to enrich, inspire and renew. Following all the greatest rivers — Danube, Elbe, Moselle, Rhine, Rhône, Seine, and the Main-Danube Canal — you will delve into the heart of timeless towns and villages as well as the world''s most thriving capitals. And, aboard VIVA''s modern vessels, great travel experiences come to life, every bend of the river brings a new marvel and every moment on board brings more delights to be savored.

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