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From its modest beginnings in 1965 with a single ship cruising to Mexico, Princess has grown to become one of the premiere cruise lines in the world. Princess'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' modern fleet has grown considerably in recent years –and now totals 16 ships. Ruby Princess will join the fleet in 2008, making Princess one of the most modern fleets on the high seas. Today, its fleet carries more than a million passengers each year to more worldwide destinations than any other major line.

Ships range in size from around 700 guests to over 3100 guests. Pacific Princess, Royal Princess and Tahitian Princess are the smaller 3 vessels. They evoke a contemporary take on a more refined, bygone tradition of cruising. Each sparkling vessel carrying around 700 mostly adult passengers in a relaxed, sophisticated style. However, no matter the size of the ship, public spaces are designed to feel intimate and are decorated in a contemporary style, allowing passengers to enjoy themselves in an informal, relaxed onboard atmosphere that mirrors today''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s lifestyles. In addition, today, Princess'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' fleet offers one of the highest percentages of balcony cabins in the industry, across all cabin categories.

Princess Cruises were the first to introduce freedom to choose from a wide range of flexible onboard facilities, amenities and services in order to create a personal holiday experience that takes the regimentation out of the cruise experience and suits each passenger''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s own needs and preferences.

Today, the line''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s emphasis on choice is apparent across the fleet, with each vessel offering its own unique version of a host of multiple dining options and locations; flexible and varied entertainment selections; renowned customer service; and a full complement of onboard activities including a variety of ScholarShip@Sea enrichment classes featuring computer training, ceramics, culinary arts, finance and photography. Some vessels even sport a giant Times Square-style "Movies Under the Stars" LED screen showing poolside movies and concerts. Often imitated but never duplicated, the Princess concept of cruise vacation customization has since been adopted as the touchstone of new ship design for the entire cruise industry.

In addition to incorporating a wide range of choices, vessels in the Princess fleet are specifically designed to provide the ultimate in affordable luxury, with an emphasis on "big ship choice with small ship feel."


Princess Cruises have been innovative over the years particularly with their new cruise ships. They were the first to offer "Movies Under the Stars", a screen by the pool for movies and concerts. Princess offer several “Specialty Restaurants” for you to choose from on every ship. These distinctive restaurants provide intimate dining in an upscale atmosphere. However, because these restaurants at sea are truly a special treat, a cover charge will apply per person. Very child friendly offering an excellent range of activities for 3-17yr olds.

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