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  • Cruise only
    per person from

    Outside: £2016

    £202 per day


    Along the Russian Rivers, from Saint Petersburg to Moscow

    10 nights

    Friday, 21 Aug, 2020

    Saint Petersburg, Mandrogui (Mandroga), Saint Petersburg, Mandrogui (Mandroga), Kiji Island, Goritsy, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Uglich, Rostov, Uglich, Moscou (Moskva)

    From Saint Petersburg to Moscou (Moskva)

    Cruise only
    per person from

    Outside: £2016

    £202 per day


    River Cruise


  • Date Location Arrive Depart
  • Fri 21/08/2020 Saint Petersburg 18:00  
  • Sat 22/08/2020 Saint Petersburg In port  
  • Sun 23/08/2020 Saint Petersburg In port  
  • Mon 24/08/2020 Saint Petersburg   Depart
  • Mon 24/08/2020 Mandrogui (Mandroga) Arrive  
  • Tue 25/08/2020 Mandrogui (Mandroga)   Depart
  • Tue 25/08/2020 Kiji Island Arrive  
  • Wed 26/08/2020 Kiji Island   Depart
  • Wed 26/08/2020 Goritsy Arrive  
  • Thu 27/08/2020 Goritsy   Depart
  • Thu 27/08/2020 Rostov Arrive  
  • Fri 28/08/2020 Rostov   Depart
  • Fri 28/08/2020 Ouglitch (Uglich) Arrive  
  • Sat 29/08/2020 Ouglitch (Uglich)   Depart
  • Sat 29/08/2020 Moscou (Moskva) Arrive  
  • Sun 30/08/2020 Moscou (Moskva) In port  
  • Mon 31/08/2020 Moscou (Moskva)   09:00

Prices /

Cruise Only prices

  • Suite type B away price Price per day  
  • Upper deck 2 beds (2PL_PS) £2016 £202

Prices are per person assuming double occupancy and include taxes and fees

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